For 3 long weeks I had traditional braces. It didn’t hurt, I just couldn’t figure out what to do with myself.  Eating with all that metal was a huge adjustment, I chewed sugar free gum like a fiend, and orthodontic wax was my new best friend. One morning, I kinda half smiled at a friend/co-worker and was literally told, in the kindest, loving way, “don’t do that.” My half smile with braces was AWKWARD! My lips were all tangled up in the brackets…I think it may have been scary to small children. Thankfully, in week 3 of braces, Dr. Kuperman, Mimi (our Treatment Coordinator) and I went to an educational dinner with a presentation by Invisalign. Our Invisalign Representative, Brad, took one look at me and told Dr. Kuperman that I should be an Invisalign patient. Dr. K. graciously decided I should get the braces removed the next day and start my Invisalign Adventure!

Since I had already had 3 weeks of treatment, I was using a device called Acceledent Aura. It’s a pretty complex idea and cutting edge as far as treatment is concerned. Basically, it uses a mouth piece similar to a sports mouth guard and it is attached to a small handle that vibrates to accelerate the bone movement necessary for successful orthodontic treatment. It is charged by a USB cable and the USB port can be plugged into a computer to show the recorded usage. You use it for 20 minutes a day, at the ten minute mark it skips a beat 3 times and automatically shuts off at 20 minutes. My plan was to use my AcceleDent on my morning commute, but I thought I’d try it at home the first night. I was watching “Playing by Heart” (starring a favorite actor of mine, Sean Connery, aka James Bond) and decided to try out the Aura. As I sat on my bed, the first few minutes I was thinking, this doesn’t hurt, it’s a little strange, not good or bad, just different.  A few minutes later… ok, now it’s actually kind of soothing, add Sean Connery’s voice in the background and I am content! At the 10 minute mark, the break in the vibrations startled me… I was a little sad it was half over, because now it’s pretty relaxing. I laid my head down on my pillow and the next thing I know it’s the middle of the night and I am asleep with the Acceledent Aura still in my mouth! I placed it on my nightstand and went back to sleep. Usually I toss and turn or feed my Pinterest habit until I finally fall asleep around midnight. That night I fell asleep around 10 PM, slept like a baby and dreamt that Sean Connery was my boyfriend. Seriously, does it get any better than that?!? I guess it could if Sean Connery was ACTUALLY my boyfriend!

The best part, the Aura is cutting my treatment time in half. IN HALF! What should be a 2 week interval for Invisalign trays, is only one week. I am moving right along, noticing a positive difference in my smile already, and not one person has told me not to smile! I have faith in my Doctor, trust his treatment plan and can’t wait to see the final result. Thankfully, the final result will be here in 18 weeks time, not 36 weeks! I’ll show you some progression pictures in the next blog and share some things NOT to do while using the AcceleDent Aura, embarrassing things, but pretty funny.

Check out for more information about the Aura.