Initial Photo:  Experimented in hair color…dark brown is a definite NO. 🙂 I’ll go back to my natural color as I straighten my teeth.

Braces off after 3 weeks, pre Invisalign pic, hair slowing going back to normal!

Invisalign 2 weeks in, hair is finally blonde again!

Now a few tips from a seasoned Invisalign patient…

When wearing Invisalign, ALWAYS:

  • Carry your retainer case with you. It will save you the mini heart attack when you throw away a napkin in your pocket and you can’t remember if your Invisalign trays were in it or not. (Only happened once…napkin in pocket was empty, napkin in purse had Invisalign trays. Phew!)
  • Carry a travel toothbrush and toothpaste.  Brush your aligners when you take them out, brush your teeth before you put them back on. Trust me on this! The OCD in me wants you to do this!
  • Take your next set of trays with you when you travel. That way if your 2 year old nephew uses them on his Thomas the Train play set, any cracks in the tray won’t matter. (Thankfully I had the fortitude to keep my trays out of sight and out of mind, but anything that kid put in his hand ended up on that train table!)

When wearing Invisalign, NEVER:

  • Take out your trays to eat and put them back in without brushing. Did this at a meeting trying to be discrete…YUCK! I don’t recommend it!
  • Drink a soda or red wine with your trays in, not even a sip! It makes your teeth look a terrible color. Eww! Hopefully,  I didn’t scare the nice couple next to me after communion when I gave them a big ole red smile.
  • Sneeze while using an AcceleDent Aura. Please, remove the device from your mouth, sneeze (cover your mouth and the device) and then replace the device in your mouth. Imagine trying to sneeze with your mouth open and a sports mouth piece in your mouth. Your face will be completely distorted, you will make a noise not familiar to human ears, and your eight year old daughter will laugh at you continuously for the 20 minutes of AcceleDent treatment and you cannot defend yourself.

My smile is already looking better! I am so happy with how treatment is progressing. Doctor Kuperman is so skilled in the trade he has made his life’s work and I am so excited to be working towards my Kuperman Celebrity Smile!