Our team knows everyone deserves and needs a beautifully straight and healthy smile. We also know that age should never keep you from achieving that smile! Our very own Practice Manager, Jenn, has been undergoing Invisalign treatment with Dr. Kuperman right here in our office. In addition to the Invisalign treatment, Jenn and Dr. Kuperman have been utilizing the Acceledent system of treatment acceleration. Jenn has been so impressed and happy with her orthodontic treatment that she wanted to tell everyone all about it! Below is a blog post written by Jenn about her treatment and what led her to undergoing it!

Why would a 36 year old woman with a smile that had always been complemented for being full of straight teeth consider orthodontic treatment with Invisalign?  Why would she, who would smile and brag about never “having to have” braces, change her mind? I’ll tell you why… This 36 year old woman left the world of funeral directing as her career and went to work for one of Fort Worth’s premiere Orthodontists. I realize there is a lot of crazy information in those few sentences, but there is a great reason behind it!

The reason I do anything in life is for my daughter. The day she cried and held onto my neck so tight because she didn’t want me to miss her soccer game was a true ‘game changer’ for me. Having worked weekends and holidays since I was 18, I had no idea what to expect in the real world. I decided to leave the career I had dreamt of and pursued since I was 12 years old and embark on a new career. I had NO idea what I wanted to be now that I was growing up! I’ve managed people, buildings, worked on marketing, wrote obituaries, planned events for 5 people to 5000 people… What could I do with those skills?!?

A friend introduced me to Dr. Kuperman, and the rest, as they say, is history.  I visited his office the day after Thanksgiving and would have started that day! He is extremely intelligent, very approachable, amazing at what he does, and truly loves what he does! I was hooked!

The idea to straighten my teeth came from working for Dr. Kuperman. As I walked by the 186 8×10 pictures of smiling patients who have finished treatment that are right outside my office door, I was very proud of the results Dr. Kuperman and his team have achieved. Then, I started to get a little envious. I wanted a smile as beautiful and straight as all of these patients! These 186 photos are rotated out very regularly to showcase all of our patients, as they come and get treatment over a two year period. I want to work for Dr. Kuperman for at least two decades, so of course I want one of ‘his’ smiles!

After being in the orthodontic world over the course of a year I realized my teeth weren’t even close to being straight! I had crowding, over jet, and needed a few teeth rotated and made more level. I asked for braces and he said yes!

I am so thrilled to be a patient of Dr. Kuperman’s! I know I am getting the same amazing treatment he gives all of his patients, and I also get to try a few new things, too. One of them being a new device called Acceledent that speeds up treatment (I’ll tell you more about it later!).

I’m no expert in Orthodontics, but I know someone who is… This is why I trust my smile and my daughter’s smile to Dr. Kuperman! I’ll share the story of my first Acceledent experience next time; James Bond was there, so you don’t wanna miss it!