You know how important self-confidence can be in your personal and professional life. Confidence is crucial to maintaining your relationships, health, and even career. A big part of your self-confidence, as vain as it might be, comes from your smile.

Having a confident smile can change your entire outlook on life, even. In other words, you deserve to make the most of your smile.

Many people just like you have crooked teeth, though. That’s unfortunate, but the good news is that there are treatments available to straighten them.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Invisalign, and you’re interested in the positive results you’ve heard about. You’re in luck since more than 70% of U.S. and Canada orthodontists are certified to administer the treatment.

Still, you might be hesitant to spend all that money. Before you decide, check out the following seven factors proving that the Invisalign cost is worth the investment.

1. Your Self-Confidence Is Worth Any Investment

It’s true that Invisalign can cost a pretty penny. Many treatments cost anywhere from $3000 – $8000, depending on a variety of factors. Not everyone might see this cost as worth the investment, but you should think again.

Having straight teeth affects self-confidence for all adults in modern society. In fact, one survey shows that 92% of adults who have had their teeth straightened claim that it affected their level of confidence.

You can’t underestimate the worth that such a boost in confidence would provide. You deserve to walk into any room as a confident, courageous, smiling force of nature.

2. Invisalign Is Best for Short-Term Health

We’ve all heard serious horror stories about braces and metal devices that are supposed straighten our teeth for us. Those contraptions have been the cause of many traumatic stories – especially for teenagers.

Not only are they an ugly sight, but those devices are also difficult to maintain and can sometimes cause more problems than they solve. Thanks to Invisalign, though, maintenance and care while straightening your teeth are easier than ever.

Invisalign treatment allows you to remove the aligners up to two hours a day. Ideally, you should do so while you’re eating or practicing normal dental care. The ability to do so, unlike braces, help maintain your dental health to prevent bad breath and other immediate issues.

3. Invisalign Is Best for Long-Term Health

Speaking of your future dental health, Invisalign is the best bet when it comes to long-term preventative measures. While you’re able to remove the aligners and care for your teeth, you’re saving yourself potential future headaches (perhaps literally).

Trusted studies have shown the benefits of Invisalign as a treatment over fixed orthodontic appliances. One such study is specific in noting that Invisalign is more gentle on gum tissue than those fixed orthodontic appliances.

Over time, investing in Invisalign treatment might actually save you more money in the future. If you’re still unsure about paying for such an expensive treatment, consider the following factor.

4. There Is Financial Assistance Available To Help Cover the Invisalign Cost

Many orthodontic practices are generous enough to offer affordable payment plans to their patients. Many patients just like you need to take advantage of this offer in order to receive the treatment they need.

Don’t feel embarrassed if you have to ask your orthodontist about financial assistance. He or she will be understanding. Plus, a qualified orthodontist will know and appreciate that this investment on your part is going to be worth it in the long run.

If a payment plan won’t help your financial situation enough for the Invisalign treatment, don’t be afraid to get creative. There are all kinds of fundraising platforms online these days. You might be surprised at just how many of your family members and friends are willing to help you out with straightening your teeth.

5. Invisalign Is More Convenient Than Other Treatments

As mentioned above, you’d be able to take the Invisalign aligners out of your mouth at least a few times a day. (Remember, though, that it’s recommended you don’t remove them for more than two hours in one day.)

This convenience does more for you than just maintaining your short-term and long-term dental health and hygiene. Many patients who went through the difficult process of fixed devices would wish they’d used Invisalign instead.

Removing the aligners during you eat, for example, is something patients with fixed devices can assure you is invaluable. Thanks to this advanced treatment, you won’t be limited to soft foods while you straighten your teeth, either. In other words, you won’t be able to put a price on the complete convenience of the Invisalign treatment.

6. Its Invisibility Is Worth Your Money

You know by now that straightening your teeth is a goal of yours. You know that you’re willing to invest in treatment, but you still aren’t sure if the cost of Invisalign is worth it for you.

You might want to consider what your day-to-day life looks like, though. Do you have a job you care about? Are you in front of people on a regular basis, when it’s important to make a positive impression?

The invisibility of Invisalign is the selling point for most of its happy patients. Those metal fixed devices simply stand out and can be embarrassing to explain. Save yourself the anxiety of disrupting your daily life by spending the money on these invisible aligners.

7. You Deserve to Invest in Your Future

The last thing you need to consider is what you want your future to look like. Do you want to remain confident and assured, even in old age? Do you want to prevent more dental health issues down the road?

All in all, Invisalign is worth the expense, even if you have to scrape some finances together. You deserve to make the most of this life. A confident smile is an important step toward that end.

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