About 2 years ago, we started transitioning our practice to being what might be called a “SureSmile Practice”.  What that phrase is actually referring to is the technology we use behind the smiles we create.  Yes, we still use a fixed bracket like many orthodontic practices, but it’s in the treatment implementation where SureSmile steps in and really sets us apart.

SureSmile is a fully digital process.  Advanced technology is used to move your teeth more precisely than ever before….more precisely than the human eye can see and certainly more precisely than the human hand can execute.  

We have been so elated with the results we are producing using SureSmile!

So, what’s the process really like?  Good question.  

Every patient that comes to our practice is scanned using our digital scanner.  (Gone are the days of gooey impressions!)  Once the scan is taken, SureSmile creates a 3D digital model and returns it to Dr.Kuperman.  This digital model allows simulation of the treatment options to aid in diagnostic decisions.  These simulations make it possible to plan tooth movement and achieve our clinical goals with greater precision than ever before.  

Visualize, Simulate, Design!

We can see what is going to happen in the mouth before it ever happens and make any adjustments as needed.  It’s truly fascinating!  It’s completely high tech!  Once Dr. Kuperman gets the teeth aligned on the 3D computer model exactly where he wants them, designing your smile, he orders multiple archwires to move the teeth into that desired position.  SureSmile’s precision robotic technology custom bends all movements into your archwires.

The SureSmile process is also a gentler process for our patients.  The bends are done in small increments and shape memory alloy archwires made by heating Copper Ni-Ti  more than 1000 degrees during customization are used.  This type of archwire is way gentler than the heavy stainless steel archwires of standard orthodontics.  

If you have been holding back and not getting your smile fixed because you always thought the process was too tedious, well wait no longer!  SureSmile is the answer you have been waiting for!  Call our office at 817-731-8401 or click here today and schedule your complimentary consultation.  We would love to start designing your Kuperman smile!  We think you will be surprised with the ease and impressiveness of the SureSmile process.

Overall, we are elated with our decision to integrate SureSmile into our practice.  Our patients love it and the results speak for themselves.  We are never satisfied with the status quo…. Our goal as a practice is to keep moving forward as the industry moves forwards.  We hope our patients appreciate our continued desire to learn and advance.  We do it for them!  To bring them excellence every day!  Because…. We believe  they deserve it!